our 4th of July goes a little something like this...


No plans made with friends or extended family because we had already checked the forecast...rain.

Walks around our neighborhood but not too far...in the rain.

Umbrella carrying and puddle jumping...in the rain.

This one of the boys in between the downpours...of rain.

And then we ended our night with sparklers and snappers on our back patio with an all who-cares-we're-gonna-do-this-anyway-because-we-are-free-and-oh-what-a-gift-that-is attitude...Hurry before it starts to rain!

Rain or shine, I hope you celebrated too.


  1. Sparklers always add some excitement! Sorry the weather didn't cooperate for the 4th, but sounds like you made your own fun!

  2. We had a similar day!! Rain!! Your photography is amazing!!! Give me some tips! Do you edit?

  3. Yes, we did! Thanks, Amanda!

    Awww, Kimmie THANK YOU!!! I feel so inadequate to give advice because I'm my own worst critic, but I'll try. I still have a long way to go, but learning to operate my camera in manual mode has really made all the differnce. And I absolutely LOVE my 50mm prime lens which takes much sharper pictures than say the lens that came with my camera (18-55mm zoom). Yes, I do edit..with Photoshop CS5. I love, love, love Erin Cobb (a photographer in Huntsville, AL), and a while back I bought her video tutorial called Clean Color where she teaches her editing process. I use this for little color tweaks like brightness and contrast and on top of that I use actions and textures if I'm feeling it. I'm not sure if any of this helps, but I hope it does. :) And momma, if you ever start a fashion blog, you let me know. I'll follow it every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Your style is AMAZING to me!!! XOXO~Cindi

  4. great post! great attitude!!! super-great picture :)

  5. Oh my goodness sweetest picture ever!!!

  6. Thank you, Kimberley and Tesha!!!!