you're gonna miss this


I love so much the words to Trace Adkins' song "You're Gonna Miss This".  Melts me every single time I hear it, and I think that's because it's one hundred percent truth.  I remember my mom telling me when Jake was less than a toddler that I would miss as much as his handprints on glass.  So these past couple of weeks, I started looking around and following behind them.  And after they had already moved on to whatever came next, I started capturing what I know I'm gonna miss.

"'re gonna miss this

you're gonna want this back

you're gonna wish these days

hadn't gone by so fast

These are some good times

so take a good look around

You may not know it now

but you're gonna miss this."

So many more of these "you're gonna miss this" posts to come.  They're my new fav.


  1. OH Cindi!!! I may follow you on this little path. Such a great idea! And I definitely KNOW I am going to MISS SO much. I love these little boys so much it makes me want to cry! Love all of your pictures!

  2. I hope you do, Sara Beth! Thanks a million, Friend!!

  3. i ADORE that song! i blare it every time i hear it. i think my favorite line might be "got to babies of my own... one's 36, one's 23". when my boys are that age, they will still be my babies. :)

    when things are going rough, when the house is a mess, when the boys do one more thing to drive us crazy, my husband and i will start singing "you're gonna miss this". so funny! you should hear us :) and i believe it to be true!

    love this post! may do one myself ;)

  4. *two babies, not to!! drives me nuts when people don't use to, too, and two correctly :) i had to correct myself :)

  5. Kimberley, you made me smile after every sentence. :) Do one, Girl!!

  6. Oh my gosh. Love this. I found a pacifier and a pair of baby sandals in my purse the other day and almost got all misty-eyed over it... its all so brief. :(

  7. Thanks a million, Melissa!