Wishing you the Wonders of His Love


Wow!  It's hard to believe Christmas Day is almost gone.

Somehow this year it seems like it came and went even quicker than ever.  Maybe it's the week we spent vacationing - not seeing our own Christmas trees at home (even though they had several throughout the towers' lobbies and Christmas music playing) or thinking about what still needed to be done to get ready for today.

But even after spending almost a week away, we got right back into Christmas mode and packed everything we needed to into the last four days - our official Santa photo, last-minute shopping, and an overnight stay at my parent's so we could wake up there yesterday and let them experience a "Christmas morning" with the boys and Emily.  So, so fun!

There is one thing, though, I did do before we left and that's send out Christmas cards.  It's the first one Parker has been on.  I gave it one shot last year on a dry day, and it was just a complete no for him.  He cried and cried, Jake wasn't looking anywhere in my direction at all, and he may have cried too if I had asked him to sit out in the cold for one more minute.  I took exactly two frames and called it quits.  This year has a totally different story - instead of tears, there were smiles and laughs.  Here are the ones that made it to the card...

with thanks due to Daddy who blew up balloons, clapped, smiled, and Lord-knows-what-else behind me and my camera.

I hope your Christmas Day has been as great as ours has been - filled with gifts that money can't buy - because they are the best kind there is.


  1. Great photos! Merry Christmas to you and your family. I hope your vacation was awesome!

  2. your photos are wonderful!! you are blessed!

  3. Thank you, Kristy, Leanne, and Annmarie!!! Love you all and Happy New Year!