full swing


Christmas has definitely hit the fan here - earlier than usual for us.  While Jake and Parker were at their grands the weekend before Thanksgiving, Jim and I got crackin'.  We put up our trees (My thought process was that it would be much less tempting for Parker to grab and throw ornaments if he didn't watch the rest of us handling all of those shiny balls...because hey, that's what every ball - aka round object - is for.), we crossed the majority of gifts off of our "To Buy" list, and Oscar our elf arrived just in time to be waiting for Jake when we all got back home Thanksgiving Day.

When we took him to see Santa that Thursday before, he dropped a letter into his mailbox at the mall and asked him in person (backup, you know) if Oscar could come back again this year to bring us all a little Christmas magic.

As usual, he's up to no good.  A few of his shenanigans to date...

So far, he's emptied all of Jake's bookshelves and helped himself to a stack of books to read.

He popped a bag of popcorn and broke into our movie cabinet.  We found him sitting on the couch, remote in hand, with Toy Story in the DVD player.

He made a snow angel out of a bag of self-rising flour. Thank goodness I never bake or I might have needed it.

He's gotten stuck upside down in a box of Frosted Flakes.

And most recently, he hosted a "Christmas with the Troops" special event where he pretended to be Santa Claus himself.

I wonder what he'll do next, and Jake does too.  It all makes this time of year my favorite - hands down.