"Twang That Thang"


My Jake had a big, big week this past week.  And a busy week...plus my mom was here with us Tuesday through Friday (hence, the lack of blogging).

He ate a Thanksgiving feast with his class at school on Monday.  He wore feathers on his head (the only part of an Indian costume we could come up with) and brought a lot of laughter to the room when he burped loud enough for the class across the hallway to hear (I'm not sure who was more embarrassed - me or the mom of the little guy who kept parading around pictures of himself with the deer he helped his dad kill the weekend before.)  Ahhh...he lives out loud.  What can I say?

He tested for and earned his orange belt in karate.  He showed off his skills, listened to and followed the instructions he was given, and broke his first board into two pieces with one stomp.

He made his first trip to see Santa (because just once per Christmas season in unheard of to him) and gave him the rundown of his wish list.

And he twanged that thang in the Grandparents' Day program his school has every year on the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving.  No pictures do this justice with the exception of maybe this one of him with his grandma...

so I'm posting a video.  He's the third one from the left on the back (and standing) row all decked out in his 50's attire - a white tee, blue jeans rolled three times, white socks, black dress shoes, and hair that didn't move. 


  1. How fun is that?? And that picture of Jake and grandma is precious. And way to go on the karate!

  2. Thank you Izdiher and Leanne! Definitely gotta love it, Crissy. :)