"I touched him!"


So I finally uploaded a Halloween video of the boys.  We were at a church Fall Festival where they had bounce houses, a cake walk, games, a petting zoo, and candy.  Naturally.  As you can tell, they did dress alike for this one.  Jake's Leonardo costume came fresh out of its packaging with a two-inch hole in the side seam where some stitches were obviously missed.  I "warned" Jake that Leonardo might not exactly survive all the bouncing he wanted to do so it might be wise to save him for Halloween.  He heeded the warning and wore his flight suit that we ordered one size too big (the oops that made us the proud owners of two flight suits). 

I wish I had moved my phone around a little more, but I was as focused as Jake was on the duck.  I didn't want to miss him "touch" him.  Either way, I love it.  I love that Jake is sneaking around the cage the duck was in while holding his finger up to his lips to instruct Parker to be quiet, and I love his little voice, "I touched him!"     

Sneak attack well executed, Buddy!

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