a reading corner built for two


These two definitely show a lot of love for each other (hugs and even kisses pretty often), but Jake also loves to push his little bro's buttons.  A game of "keep away" really sends Parker over the edge, and he'll come running, crying, and screaming "Miiiiiine!!!" while pointing in Jake's direction and pulling me to come with him to get back what he had or wanted to have before brother took it away.

Yesterday this happened pretty frequently while I cleaned.  But at one point, I looked across the hallway from where I was vacuuming and into Parker's room.  I saw Jake sitting in Parker's reading chair, and then I watched Parker walk over with a book of his own to read, turn around, and scoot his bottom back into Jake's lap (An empty lap that will sit still long enough for him to grab a book means read-to-me-time for him right now.).  So I ran and grabbed my camera as quick as I could because I knew it might only be for a few seconds.

I was working super fast, so the quality isn't the best.  But the quality of the moment won me over.