Halloween 2012: It was a good one.


You may remember last year the boys dressed as a zookeeper and zebra.  It was the one and only year I thought I might be able to pull off a "theme"; but at the beginning of the costume season, I still had my hopes.  Star Wars is all the rage with Jake (Crissy, the light saber you gifted Jake for his fourth birthday was completely the start of something and the absolute perfect gift!), and Target had every character in costume he could ever want to be - they even had a Parker-sized Yoda, and I thought...This is perfect!  I'll have my Halloween duo yet again.  And then two Saturday mornings of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a seventeen dollar polyester replica of Leonardo changed his mind forever.  I never really checked to see if they had Donatello or Raphael in a size or two smaller.  I simply went to plan b - thinking back on Halloween's past and wondering if I could reuse something we already had.  Jake's first flight suit was a close fit, and we could personalize it to make it seem less "handed down" (like he didn't have his own costume this year)...it was a winner.

Here are my little trick-or-treaters in their Halloween garb.

Before we had even left our driveway, Parker tapped into our own candy bowl and had helped himself to a blue sucker.  And by the end of the night, he had gathered as much to hold out his pumpkin to our neighbors for more.  He'd walk away, set his pumpkin down, pull out what had just been dropped in it, and hand it to me to open.

Jake, the seasoned trick-or-treater that he is, darted from door to door in record time, plopped down on the rug in our front entryway, tore off his mask, and dug right in.  Just the way any seasoned trick-or-treater should.