Please Pardon My Progress


Well, a post with a title like this one is way past its due date.  For weeks now, I've been working on redesigning my blog on my own which I've never ever done.  So any time I've sat down at a computer, it's been to search through digital scrapbooking kits, clip art, and paper and to find html code how-to's and veeeery carefully try to manipulate and change things one at a time.

I think now I'm finally at a place where the "big" things are like I like them (the background, the header, the layout of the columns) and the "little" things take me just a second to make them become something different (font color, column widths, spacing, etc.).  My mom (who is officially the birthday girl of the day...Happy Birthday, Mom!  I love you endlessly!) has made it known she misses seeing "...the pictures at the top" so I may rethink my header a little if I too can't get used to "...all the white."  I'm loving my little superhero, though.  I'm outnumbered by them in my family; so to me, it's perfectly fitting.

Bring on catching up! 


  1. I LOVE IT! Very fitting...although I do miss those cute little pictures at the top...that just means you will have to post more pictures SOON!

  2. How fun I love playing with my blog also:) I agree with Sara I will miss those sweet faces on the top but the super hero is a perfect fit.

  3. I LOVE the new look. The super hero is too cute. I think it has a very clean and crisp look to it. But, you will have to post extra pics of those baby boys so that we don't all start going through withdrawal symptoms. :)

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! LOVE you, Ladies!!!