brushin' baby teeth


I refuse to leave anything undone, so I'm bound and determined to finish Parker's 30-Day Challenge no matter how long it takes me.

Yesterday, I scratched one more off of the list - what he looks like brushing his teeth.

B I G is what he looks like to me.  The only thing baby I see is his teeth.  Even his toothbrush is made for big kids because he insists on having a Batman-themed one just like big brother's.


  1. LOVE! These PJs, face, and toothbrush are giving me an overload of cuteness!

  2. oh Cindi..... he does look so big!!!! When did that happen? Still as precious as ever though! Love your new blog header.

    1. I know right? And he's almost TWO! Just blows my mind completely. Thanks so much...I'm still debating on putting some pictures back up there, but I love my superhero character. :)