(almost) Twenty-One...months, that is.


Today Parker did a number on his bottom lip (He fell in the gym at preschool.).  But I didn't let that stop me from getting him in front of my camera (I consider those milestones too.).  Jim and Jake walked six holes of golf, so it was just the two of us for a little while.

He's just a few days away from turning twenty-one (months).  Between that and Sara Beth's trip down memory lane with her son Kobe, I was inspired to go back through my folders of pictures and look at how much he's grown.  

What amazes me most isn't how his looks have changed (yet he's still very much the same), but how he's become this walking, talking (He's a guy of few words, but his vocabulary is slowly building.) toddler who walks along side me into school each morning, takes and follows directions (Parker, come sit down so Mommy can put your shoes on.), and answers simple questions (usually with a "No."  :) ).  

This week alone he insisted on carrying his own lunchbox, and he's decided that he'd rather me not carry him out to the car when I pick him up (He prefers to walk not just in to preschool all by himself but out too.).  

I know theses days when he stays behind are numbered.  Before I know it, he'll be swinging clubs too.  And some days, I'll shout Hallelujah! (Let's be real.); but the others...I'll be taking lessons so I can hang with my gang.


  1. What sweet pictures! He looks so grown up:)

  2. Such a sweet and precious post. You are such a sweet mommy!

  3. Thank you, Izdiher, Leanne, and Sara Beth!!!!

  4. Parker is so precious. I can't beleive he has grown so much. You have a beautiful family!

    Love Ya,
    Aunt Mona

  5. Thank you, Aunt Mona!! Love you too!