Long time? No hear.


It feels like longer than just a few days.  No r&r for the weary here, but I'm taking the day off tomorrow from work and from family - just to go shopping or hit up the big red box for a good chick flick and sit on the couch for a few hours.  My rising stress level is crying out for some moments of solitude.  It's times like these when I wish I could be a little more selfish and could feel a little less guilty...I wouldn't reach this point maybe?

I think what constantly weighs on my mind, though, and keeps me pushing forward through meltdowns in restaurants, date nights that come a few times a year, handprints on glass doors, terrible two's, and tears is this...the time that I have in which their minds and eyes and ears and hearts are open to what I want to teach them is so, so limited.  Years will pass, and today will feel like yesterday.  And when they leave our nest, yes, I'll worry.  But I'll know that I used every minute that was available to me to build character that will help them make wise and Godly choices for their lives.  Totally.worth it.

Yesterday afternoon, Jake ditched his bike in our front yard when our neighbor walked over with her son to play with him.  So Parker seized the opportunity to try and take it for a spin.  He pushed and pulled and never could get it off the ground (still too heavy).  I guess he thought if he took a bite out of the handlebars, it would give it the go he needed.

Oh and he replaced his lip injury from last week with a carpet burn on his nose.  Heck yeah!


  1. Enjoy your day! Isn't it amazing how much time can pass before we take time for ourselves? I know what you mean about feeling guilty, but I think in the long run it makes everyone happier:)

  2. I am so glad you are taking time for yourself today! You totally deserve it!

  3. ohI remember those days...they are such a short time in the whole of life! doesn't seem that way when its happening, not really until its over..then you KNOW it was all worth the effort and energy.
    a babysitter is so worth the $!!!!