what happens at Grandma's...er...doesn't always stay at Grandma's


A couple of weeks ago when Jim and I were celebrating our anniversary, the boys spent some time with their grandparents.

My mom never fails to give them the type of excitement that can only come from grandparents...anything they ask for at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, a lesson in cookie decorating, a whole Koolaid Jammer right before bedtime - almost anything goes.  This last visit it was everything she could think of to keep them cool - a kid-sized pool, bobbing for apples (Nope.  Not kidding.), and water balloons.

When Jim and I picked them up on Thursday, she had sent a bag of balloons home with Jake because he was pretty much obsessed by then.  In the midst of unpacking, they got misplaced so Jim bought a whole new bag complete with a slingshot to fire them into the air.

And when we had run out of all the water balloons we had the patience to fill, tie, and pick out of the grass after they had popped, it was on to practice balls and a game of catch in our yard.

He never caught one, but he laughed absolutely hysterically every time he fell trying to keep his eye on it.


  1. Sounds like fun! Super cute boy!

  2. Fun idea! He is such a little cutie!

  3. SO fun!!! What a wonderful grandma, your boys are blessed. Love that smile on Jake's face :)

  4. HOW FUN! And what great pictures. :) Gotta love those grandmas keeping your kids sugared up! :)