It's your birthday...It's your birthday...


Our week this week is full of birthdays.  My sister celebrated hers yesterday, and my dad will celebrate his on Wednesday.  So the boys and I went home this past weekend to spend some time with them and wish them Happy Birthdays.  Since neither one had any preference on where they'd like to eat out, my mom and I picked a place where we knew we'd all have fun - Chuck E. Cheese's.

We shared salad, pizza, and a grand total of 180 tokens.

My sister was the ultimate ski baller, Emily (my niece) set records at Monopoly, and Jake had total strangers playing games for him so he could win bigger.  

My dad and I watched Parker and fetched balls he threw at random (They had two games he could play with his favorite toy...balls...a basketball one and a "hungry hippo" one.  He. was. excited.), and my mom became the DPH (Designated Purse Holder) - the fun she had didn't go down one notch.

Hands down - it was one of the best birthday lunches even right down to the guy who was working the ticket counter (pre. cious).  He even let me take his picture.

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