up for the challenge


I recently found this 30 Day Challenge and decided to take myself up on it.  I'm starting with Parker because I love the idea of capturing his smiles, his tears, his loves, and his look during his eighteenth month.  And I'm a little behind already, so I may post more than one a day (and in random order) so I can fit them all in before this thirty day clock stops ticking.

Day 1:  You and Your Child

One of his newest things he's into is playing "Ride the Little Horsie".  I figured out exactly where he got it from this past weekend when I saw him walk up to where my dad was sitting on the couch, hug his leg, and wait for him to take him for a "ride".  He goes to town, he always falls down.  But like a true cowboy, he gets right back on.

P.S.  I'm branching out a little on Day 1.  I'm not technically in this one, but my knees are.  (Big smile) 


  1. Sounds like fun! Great photo. I love the look on his sweet little face.

  2. Thats so cute! He looks really happy! : )

  3. He is just adorable, and riding the horsie leg is a true childhood joy!

  4. What a cutie and he looks so happy!!