We set some goals.


The weekend just before July 4th, Jake became the proud owner of a Nintendo DS.

He's been asking for one since so many of his classmates got them at Christmas.  So we set some goals and made a deal - when he learned to swim and learned to read, we'd buy him one.  

To help him get there, we signed him up for swim lessons and a five week Summer reading program.  

After a lot of hours, a lot of sunscreen, and a lot of practice, he's doing both, and I can't decide what I love more...that he worked hard and kept his eyes on the prize, or that he's reading all sixteen dollars worth of the Bob Books I bought when he started out and I worry less when he's next to a pool of water.  

Way to earn it, Buddy!  You make my heart swell!


  1. Love that he had to earn it. I know you are proud but I bet he's super proud of himself too. What a great life lesson!

  2. I love when they earn stuff! They appreciate it more and they take better care of it! Sweet pictures!

  3. Way to go Jake!!! Reading and swimming in one summer - wow!!!

  4. wow! as a first grade teacher, I know how awesome it is to see littles learning to read! there is nothing more awesome than that!

  5. Way to go Jake! What great lessons to learn:) I love that you set some goals to earn it.