What I'm Loving Thursday


I'm loving Clinique's All About Eyes...because it really works...even on genetically challenged eyes like mine. I look less and less like I have water balloons hanging from my eyeballs.  So thank you All About Eyes

I'm so glad you came into my life. 

And so is my genetic puffiness.

I'm loving the unexpected arrival at my house today.

It was my mom.

She's here to spend a few days and nights and probably some money tomorrow when we take it to the Galleria for a little shopping.

I'm loving having a neighbor who has her very own professional monogramming business. My neighbor...Parker's name in stitches...the person who lives right next door to me...stop me before I buy one more thing that can be personalized for my baby!

I'm loving spending eight minutes every other day at Palm Beach Tan.

I'm loving the reminder I have written on the framed chalkboard in our kitchen to Be still, and know that I am God... Ps. 46:10.

It's what I'm striving to do each and every day.

I'm loving Ebay purchases received in the mail.

I'm loving Curious George.

He's hanging out on the walls, towels, and shower curtain of the boys' bathroom, and he couldn't possibly make it any cuter in there if he tried.

I'm loving the one who is asleep in his crib...who will turn three months old at exactly 9:09 tomorrow morning...who is oohing and coohing to the point where I swear he's carrying on nearly an entire conversation with me - I'm loving the one who has played with his Lite Brite every single day this week...who said to me, "You're the best mommy, Mommy!" before he went to sleep tonight...who can hit a ball off of the T like noboby's business...who is living up to the being a Big Brother in the most touching and incredible ways - I'm loving the one who tangoed with me to make the Mommy I am tonight...who is at Eglin AFB until tomorrow with twelve of his cadets...who found out this week that he has a forty percent hearing loss thanks to working directly on the flight line while he was stationed at Tyndall AFB...who I was meant for all of my life to grow old with - And I'm loving the One who paid it all...who died for me...who I give thanks to for all that I am and all that I have.

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