Sun, Sand, and Surf


One week ago today, the beaches of Destin, Florida were ours for the playing.

We actually arrived on Sunday. Outlet mall shopping and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe later, we put all forty of our toes into the sand just in time to watch the sun set.

And for the next two days, we did things like work on our tans and fly kites...

shake it like a Polaroid picture at Joe's Crab Shak and fill brightly colored buckets with sand...

take dips in the indoor pool, search for seashells, and hold hands...

take a gazillion showers to rid our bodies of sand...

make special trips to Wal-mart for aloe vera lotion (for Jim - Sorry, Buddy. I just couldn't keep it a secret. And what made it so stinkin' funny was he had just said earlier that morning that, "Today's the kind of day you could get torn up." Well...he did.)...


watch the waves roll in and listen to the sounds of Parker's laughter for the very first time as Jim lifted him high above his head.

It was the best three days - the kind that you don't want to end and you wish there was a rewind button on life.

It was a surprise trip planned by Jim and very much-needed.

It kept me from hiding in my closet, doing excessive amounts of crying, and promising not to come out and return to work.

It was Parker's first vacation and our first vacation as a family of four.

It was unforgettable.

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