What I'm Loving This Week


I'm loving...that one of my very best friends found true love, and I watched her and her new hubby exchange wedding vows a week ago today.

I'm loving Jake's quilt made from the clothes he wore during his baby days. It is more precious that I ever imagined in my mind when I started cutting tiny little squares out of umpteen outfits of his and shipped them away to be sewn into a forever keepsake.

I'm loving...the sounds of the ocean and the sounds of Parker's laughter. Yes! He started actually laughing this past Tuesday, and he hasn't stopped very often since.

I'm loving...the e-mail I got from Erin at Designer Blogs saying she's almost ready to start on my new design.

I'm loving...my mom. I can truly say I don't know what I would have done without her this week no matter how cliche that sounds. Mom, Thank you from the bottom of my heart...and Jake's and Parker's and Jim's.

I'm loving...Crewcuts by J.Crew. Heaven help my bank account!

I'm loving...painted-blue, personalized buckets, dyed eggs, and shopping trips made on behalf of the Easter bunny.

I'm loving...true friendship - the kind that no matter how much time passes by in between visits with people you love, it picks up right where you left off. Kim, Amanda, and Toni...I'm loving you!

I'm loving...that Jake's pediatrician removed Jake's stitches yesterday and declared his wounds completely healed.

I'm loving...the Footprints in the halls of Rose Administration. I'm loving that I was carried through my first days of missing Parker by the One who died for me. I'm loving His promises, His faithfulness, His never-ending goodness, and I'm loving Him.

I'm loving...that this list keeps growing and growing...but I've got to stop somewhere and publish this thing.


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