From Our Weekend


First official "owie" (one that required a band-aid)

and condolences from Jake, "It happens, Player."

Enticing the nearby deer population (for viewing purposes only)

and taking a stroll with his favorite toy in hand...a ball (won by his big bro from a machine at Wal-mart - one of our Saturday night errands)

"Dad!  Let me show you my roundhouse kick!"  Have I mentioned he's in his fourth week of karate lessons?

King me! (playing a game of checkers with his Grandma)

and gifts from the Grands - Chuck's Fold-n-Go Garage, A Turtle's Tale, and chocolate chip cookies (homemade).  Thank you, Mom!!  And thank you for sharing part of your weekend with ours.

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  1. How precious! It happens, Player! That is too cute!