a little bit of luck and a whole lot of love


Last Tuesday my dad sold the airplane he built and owned with three other partners so they could make way for airplane number two which is under construction.  My dad has always had "wings" (way before he had me), and I can't imagine him without them.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, my mom read me this quote when she called me on the phone:  "...If the world is full of people like you, they must be invisible."  It was written in a letter to my dad from the gentleman who bought it.

Somehow he manages to touch people in ways that he becomes unforgettable.

Lucky me...I call him dad.  And he calls him Grandpa.



  1. What an amazing thing for someone to say about him!

  2. How cool! And what a sweet picture.

  3. Made me all teary...... so true! Glad I can call him "uncle"!

  4. Awwww...thank you, Crissy!!! I have to share this with my dad. He'll love it!!