"Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed." ~ Robert H. Schuller


The theme for Jake's Kindergarten class this week has been "Apples" - apple juice, apple pie.  He's been learning how they grow, the names of the different types, and how to pick them from their branches.  On Wednesday (Johnny Appleseed Day), he wore blue jeans and a red shirt, and his homework assignment for the night was to draw his favorite thing about Johnny Appleseed Day. 

So last night, when we were at Target, he asked if he could pick out an apple to eat later.  We ate dinner out, got home, and I gave him (and Parker) a bath.  When he got out, he asked if he could have his apple and then proceeded to give me specific directions on what to do with it:  "You jus' gotta cut it down the middle (hand motions); and then you'll get to the cork.  Take out the seeds and wash 'em.  If you plant it, you'll grow an Apple treeeeee!"

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