I haven't picked up my camera once since Monday morning, so I thought this might be a good time to catch up.     

Jim has been out of town since Sunday afternoon for work (He made it home around ten this morning.), so it's just been the boys and I at home this first week of school.  All in all, it's been good - nothing too major.  

Parker didn't seem to hold a grudge on Monday when he had to miss out on "Pizza Day" because there was just no stopping for cash.  Jake thought it was the high point of his day on Tuesday when he had to buy drinks at lunch and snack time because I forgot to pack him any.  

I finally checked our mail for the first time all week on Wednesday.  Yesterday, I failed to wear deodorant, and Parker wore home blood on his shirt from Chick-fil-A (a busted!).  

We've left popsicle stains on our back patio, made spontaneous trips to Hobby Lobby and K-Mart, gone for walks, constructed Jake's newest Lego set, and drop-offs have been "well" (well equals within ten minutes) before eight o'clock.  Not too bad right?

I love that look!  

These are all from a few weeks back when I was home for the weekend, and my mom and I took a trip to a park.  It has a pond with ducks galore (there were babies this time...melt), and a huuuuge, super cool playground. 

There was lots of feeding borrowed bread (from a family friend we happened to see while we were there) to the ducks, quack quack sounds from them and from Parker (He was fascinated!!), and sweat drops.  Good night it was hot!!

And lots and lots of fun!


  1. Great photos from the pond! I'm glad you made it through the first week. If you can do it on your own, the rest of the time should be a breeze! Hoping you have another good week ahead!

  2. looks like fun at the park! and the pond. ducks and kids go together...