Oh I just can't wait to be King. He sang that last night at Burger King.


Since I started Parker's Portrait Project, I've left out the what-we've-been-up-to's and where-we've-been's.  I'm sure I won't remember it all, but here's a little from our last ten-plus days.

From the night the opening ceremonies aired, Jake's been asking, "Mommy, is that all you're ever gonna watch?" when he sees the Summer Olympics on our TV screen.  (We're total junkies.  What can I say other than, "Yes.  Until I can't anymore.  Yes.")  We've crossed everything off of his school supply list except for one.  We've found out who his Kindergarten teacher will be and which classmates he'll recognize on August 20th - he's so pumped.

Elenie and Sara Beth awarded me the Liebster.  Thank you, Ladies!! 

Parker's preschool closed for their late Summer break, so I took some time away from work, packed our bags, and we went "home" for the long weekend.  While we were there, we wore out the Summer clearance racks at Kohl's, ordered slushies at Sonic, fed ducks at a park, and paid a visit to my Aunt Linda who's handling her chemo treatments like she's been there done that.

This week, we are down a total of two - one car and one little kid. We left Parker behind to spend a few days with my family while his preschool is closed, and on our way home, my tire went completely flat.  We got it changed, and drove it to the dealership where's it's been since Sunday.  They called yesterday to say they found a cut along the sidewall, so it'll have to be replaced...after they order a new tire.  We've been leaving our house in the mornings and getting home in the evenings at the exact same time, and I have to say carpooling is pretty much awesome.     

And so are Burger King happy meals because you get to wear a crown and be "King" for the night.

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