Day 16


The winds of change have really blown us away this month.  I remember the same thing happening with Jake at this age.  He started preschool and made friends and learned how to actually sit still while he ate.  The same goes for Parker but in different ways.  Just before his eighteen month birthday, he started walking everywhere he went, and since then his little horizons have broadened farther than he can see.  There's just something so different about the way he plays with his toys and interacts with his classmates.  His relationship with Jake is very different, too, and when I watch them play, that just does it for me.  Even if he is being a total bully to his big brother.


  1. What a great picture! Isn't if fun to watch how different they can be?

  2. THANK YOU, Sara Beth, Kristy, and Leanne!

  3. I really love this photograph. I have two little boys and find it so hard to photograph both of them together. Such a sweet photo!