so much to say...but just haven't said it


So lately I realize that I've barely put words together to form sentences and sentences paragraphs...which really has nothing to do with me having nothing to say.

I just haven't said it.

I mean...I haven't even told you that Parker has been sleeping through the night and cracking the most electric smiles for a little more than two weeks now. And Jake is spending the next couple of nights of this week with his grandparents and ate two hot dogs for lunch yesterday.

Neither have I mentioned the lunch dates Parker and I had last week or how emotional I couldn't help myself from being when I went in for my six week follow-up with Dr. Waller (Oh how difficult it was to close that chapter of my life and put into words how I feel about the one whose hands God used to bring my sons into this world.).

Nor have I shared that Jim and I have a Dining Out to attend next Saturday night, how organized the designated toy closet is in our house right now, and that I have an appointment with Nicole tomorrow morning to tame my out of control roots.

And speaking of out of control. I told Jake last Friday that he was "...absolutely out of control" as we were leaving All Fired Up (I recently did some artwork there with my two babes...just another little thing that I haven't shared), and he actually asked me what that meant. Priceless!

I also could have said that I'm working two hours here and three hours there in the evenings and on weekends while Jim plays the roll of Major Dad so I can prolong my maternity leave as much as possible.

I should also say I'm feeling loads better now that I've actually said all that I have to say...for now.

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