Can I get a...


what what? Just kidding. Actually I wish that's all I wanted. Because what I'd really like to have is a few weeks of living all by myself.

I really don't know why, but the feeling that I wish I could just spend some time with me...hit me. I guess it's because I actually like who I am when it's just me living with me. I like that my toes get painted, my legs are shaven, my skin is bronze instead of as white as this computer screen I'm looking at, my closet actually has something new in it every once in a while because I've actually gone shopping for me, I don't go eight months without changing purses, and I've seen every chick flick that's rentable on DVD.

And I actually thought about this so much that I went so far as to narrow it down to a precise time in my life that I would actually take pleasure in re-living.

I decided it was okay for Jim to come along on this little "mind" trip of mine, so...if I could...I'd go back to the days when we spent nearly three months apart (before we multiplied, of course, because it wouldn't be as fun to worry about the four year old who I sent to bed whining because he couldn't sleep with me, and the one who drank sixteen ounces of milk between the hours of seven and ten o'clock - sounds like somebody needs some cereal to keep him full, huh?). Ahhh...those were the days. The days when I spent a few hours in the tanning bed and ran at least six miles each week, met one of my very best friends at the mall in between all the exercising and tanning, soaked up some rays at the pool with my sis on the weekends, and "dated" my husband all over again (because we were only able to see each other for an hour every Sunday morning at church for the first six weeks then eventually had overnight dates right before his graduation from OTS) - the days I will never get to do over again.

Yeah, those definitely aren't coming back. And neither are the minutes I've spent pondering it all and hashing it out with Jim about it all and talking to my mom on the phone about it all, so I might as well give it up. skin would probably have the look and feel of a leather belt.


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  1. I read all of your blog posts in my reader, so I rarely actually come in to comment...but I just wanted to say that I get it! Anytime you want or need to talk, give me a ring or shoot me an email. ((hugs)) to you, dear friend!!