Random...but True


I have no excitement in my bones at all for the new season of Dancing With The Stars.

Jake's first T-Ball practice that was scheduled for this Saturday was post-poned a week. And I'm so bummed about it.

I recently bought a super cute shirt for Target for ten bucks.

Today I watched the movie "Life As We Know It" and loved it.

Parker weighed in a eleven pounds five ounces and was twenty-three inches long at his two-month checkup last Tuesday.

I've seriously done ten loads of laundry this week...and the week's not even over yet.

Jim and I renewed our Sam's Club membership yesterday.

I also did the majority of the those ten loads of laundry yesterday.

The Icebox Cheesecake from Publix is awesome! Just throwing that out there because I'm eating some right now.

I like Emily's super blond hair so much better than the almost brown look she had going on for the After The Final Rose episode of The Bachelor.

Parker's fingernails are past the point of needing to be clipped.  Too bad he's already down for the night or else I'd trim the talons right now. Holy cow his nails grow fast!

Speaking of being down the for night, I'm about to be myself.


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