Bound to happen and it finally did - last Monday we got our you're-not-in-Disneyworld-anymore reality check.  By Tuesday, I was ready to call in and say nope not coming today, and our trip to the pool after work was a huge failure. 

There were toddler meltdowns.  For example, Mr. Independent will not be helped and in the case of the pool outing-gone-bad...even while climbing out of water that's four feet deep.  But he needed it obviously, and when he finally got out he laid on the side of the pool under the lifeguard's chair screaming and unable to pick himself up because his puddle jumper kills the range of motion in his arms.  And there were daddy meltdowns.  After one too many attempts to make a picture in my head come to life, he in so many words named me the paparazzi.  "Does every event in our lives require cameras?" he asked me.  And I wanted to say, Well, clearly!  So help me get this baby back in the water so I can take his picture!, but instead I turned to the lifeguard who was watching (Who wasn't?) and asked her where the closest bathroom was for Jake who was clinching his teeth and complaining that his stomach was hurting.  I finally just sat on a lounger next to Parker who had lost all privileges after he swung his fist at me and filled his swim diaper to the brim and started planning a do-over. 

To me there's nothing sweeter than a chance to make everything that went wrong right.  Not pefect.  Just right.

This week has definitely gotten off to a better start but because it never hurts to look back and hope to relive certain moments, here's one that I, the paparazzi of our family (Who cares.  I'm owning it.), took of the boys staring outside our Disney resort room window.      

Housekeeping would leave little washcloths tied up with rubber bands and stickers on them to make them look like butterflies, etc., and Parker had the best time picking them off and attaching them to the window.  Jake kept his eyes peeled towards the bushes to see if he could see any of the wild bunnies that we saw jumping out from them pretty much daily.  And they both got the biggest kick out of seeing someone go by - especially if they were riding a scooter.  Well, that just totally lit them up!   

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!


  1. Well Ms. Paparazzi, keep up the good work because I love your pictures! I am totally with you on the meltdowns...I had to take both kids to the dr. for Emma's check up and she screamed at every person that even looked her way while Mason pulled repeatedly on my purse nearly pulling me down. And a few days before that we took Indie to the vet where they decided to crawl around on the floor like puppies while I was trying to talk with the vet. Needless to say, we've been having a few chats about how to act in other people's places of work.

  2. Oh, these are the moments that I KNOW people say we will miss...

  3. Welcome to the mommy paparazzi club! I am learning that I will never get the perfect shot (that I imagine in my head!). Keep snapping away though, your pictures are always awesome. Hope the meltdowns will be minimum this summer for you. :)