five on friday


Our Summer Bucket List is rockin' along.  If you've started one, I hope yours is too.

Last Saturday, we went to Talladega for Jim to have a Rusty Wallace's Racing Experience.  One hundred sixty-one miles per hour and three laps later, he scratched something off of his own bucket list.  So. very. cool. he said.

My niece, Emily, celebrated her eighth birthday on Tuesday; and when I called her that morning to sing to her, she let me know she reallllly technicallllly wouldn't be eight until around nine o'clock that night.  A few days later, now I know for sure she's eight, so Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!  I hope your year of eight is as fabulous as you are.

Jake has spent the past few days with Grandma and Grandpa.  He's had the best time.  They've been flying remote control helicopters, picking and shelling butter beans from my parents' garden, grilling out and playing hide-n-go-seek with extended family, and swimming (twice).  He's coming home this afternoon.  I'm ready to sqeeze him.

If you notice my posts getting shorter but more frequent, it means I've started a Project 365 (a photo day for 365 days).  I hope this helps me miss less and write something in the present tense and not always in the past.  I feel like I wait and wait for the words to come when less thought out or just a picture (they say they're worth a thousand words) would say it best.  I hope that's okay with you. 

And I hope you have a great weekend!


  1. That's great that you are crossing things off your bucket list. Have a fabulous weekend. I'm sure Jake can't wait to come home so you can squeeze him!

  2. I bet your husband had a blast driving! My hubby did the Richard Petty driving experience about 9 years ago now at Atlanta. He sill talks about driving Talladega all the time! Boys. . . .

    I'm glad to hear your summer is going well, we are enjoying ours as well. Keep those beautiful pictures coming!