Poolside (where we've been)


Out of the past two weekends, we've spent three out of four days at the pool to try and give Jake a ton of practice at what he learned in swimming lessons.

We've been having him wear a little Superman life vest to keep him above water while he worked his arms and legs.

Yesterday, he asked if he could take it off and do some real swimming without it, and he did awesome.

I think once he gets a little more strength and stamina, he won't need a vest at all.

Way to go, Buddy!  We are crazy proud of you! (Even Parker - he gave his big bro a hug yesterday when he saw us do the same after Jake made that first jump and long stretch of no-vest swimming half-way across the pool.  Totally priceless!)


  1. fun pictures!! my kids spent the summer days poolside....great memories for them!

  2. Looks refreshing and fun, GREAT SHOTS!

  3. This looks like so much fun!! I love how excited kids get when they finally learn to swim on their own!!

  4. Great pool pics- your boys are so adorable! I can't wait til my girls learn to swim on their own. They have just mastered swimming with life jackets, but hope we make some progress this summer.