a little bit of chalk and a whole lot of sidewalk


Before they "helped" Jim wash his truck on Father's Day, we broke out the box of sidewalk chalk so they could make some "art" in the driveway.

Jake drew a bunch of fish and some of his Star Wars character toys, and Parker made the best chicken scratches ever and taste tested the blue stick to see if it might be as good as the cheese puffs he was still wearing on his face from dinner.  At this point, the box was looking pretty good to him too.   

He's definitely that kid that'll try anything at least once.  Hel-lo trouble!!


  1. How fun! We have a dirt driveway, so we don't get a lot of sidewalk chalking done! That's why we bring them to the grandparents' house. Love those summer days....

  2. LOL so funny!! You are such a creative photograph, I really need to expand from smiling faces :)