Thousand Words Thursday...It's Finished!


What started out as an idea I got from a book (The Creative Home by SouleMama I think it was.) and a storage container of outfits from Jake's days gone by has turned into this.

When I opened the box it came to me in, I was just speechless. Sounds were coming out, believe me...just no words.

I held two corners and flung it in the air.  It fell like a picnic blanket, and Jake and I fell to the floor with it.  My tears and Oh my!'s defined the specialness of what was to him just a blanket. 

We hovered over it and took it all in.  I kept pointing to each block and calling out times I remember when he wore this...and that.  

The light green minky dot squares in each corner of the mustard yellow with white polka dot fabric border is one of the fabrics I used in his nursery. 

The small blue center square with the tiny yellow sailboat embroidered on it on the bottom row is from the sunhat he wore during his very first trip to the beach.  He was three months old.   

And the smocked schoolhouse and blue gingham was a romper he wore on his two month birthday.  We were living the country life with my family while Jim was at field training with his cadets, and my mom and I decided his two month birthday called for a day out.  So we went shopping. 

The little red barn he wore the day of his first birthday party.

And I can see him right now wearing the plaid blue whale on the carriage ride we took in Savannah.  

This quilt has no price tag.

Hanging it on the clothesline at the boys' grandparent's and snapping a few photos doesn't do it justice at all.

And every.single.square is definitely worth a thousand words. 

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