Kenny and K-3


Yesterday, Jake wore his shorts backwards not just for one hour but at least twelve (How GQ is that?  Gotta love this dressing himself thing he's got going on right now.), blue speckled swimming goggles on his forehead, and just before he went to bed, he informed me that he " one organized guy."  Oh yeah, Buddy.  Organized you are!

Just at little random something...that's true. 

Kenny Chesney.  Young.  Wednesday night.  I Go Back.  Just Jim and I.  Down the Road.  Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.  Back Where I Come From.  Most incredible date night we've had since God only knows when.

And this past Thursday Jake had his End-of-the-Year-Party and Graduation Day from K-3.  A, B, C's and 1, 2, 3's are just a few of the things he's learned.  He's drawing, coloring, counting, and recognizing colors better than ever before.  And now he has the diploma to prove it...

He also has a black chin because his face was painted to look like a pirate's.  

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