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Hi Everyone!

My name is Cindi Landers. I am a child of God, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a financial analyst, an aspiring photographer, a wife, and a mom. I love photography, rocking my son to sleep at night (yes, he still lets me even at almost three years old), scrapbooking, Reese Witherspoon, pizza from any-where any-time, the people in my life who I am blessed to call my friends, the color red, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my shelties-Ivey and Belle, reading celebrity gossip, and now...this new adventure I'm on called blogging. I have literally had a love for writing my entire life, even book reports. I didn't necessarily want to read the book, but I loved putting just the right words and sentences down to express my thoughts and ideas on what I had read. I had pen pals as a little girl and friends and family who moved away that I would write letters to almost every single day. I have recently become addicted to reading several blogs that I love thanks to two of my incredible co-workers (I seriously don't/can't go a day without reading them), and I thought creating one of my own would be an amazing way to document life as we know it and give me something to look back on, read, look at photographs, and get a good laugh or cry (whichever the case may be). I pray a special blessing on all those who read what I have to say and say thanks in advance for taking part in this journey!

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