where's the heat?


Brrr! The temperatures have finally dropped here and until this past weekend, rays of sunshine had been few and far between because of rain, so I've been staring at the heat and bright sun in pictures. From the flight there to our transport from the resort back to the airport (and even a few repeats are thrown in because it's been so long I couldn't remember without looking back which ones I had posted already), this is the rest of our Jamaica story.

Not a ton and most were purposeful (when they were either dressed for dinner or early in the morning) because quite honestly our bathing suits stayed as wet as theirs did so I left my camera in our room versus somewhere on an unmanned lounger. Here's to pinky swears that I'll capture more candid moments on our next excursion (I may even go really crazy and manage to get one of all four of us) and the countdown on my computer screen to our upcoming Spring Break week of fun in the sun. And heat. I like the heat.

Happy New Year, Y'all! xoxo


  1. love your blog look! and could your boys be any cuter?! NO, no they cannot!!!!

    1. Ahhhh....you get my biggest hug of the day!! THANK YOU BUNCHES, Ladybug!!