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Holy wow guys!  I just looked to see how long it's been since I actually came to my little corner of the www to document something and realized it's been almost a whole six months.  And who's counting that one liner from early December.  Just WOW.

Doing my best to pull it together here, friends.

So after a maaaajor drought (with the exception of a few days in NYC the week of Thanksgiving, Parker's new elf's mischief, their birthdays, hmmmm....Spring Break vacation, and yeah that's just about it), I recently grabbed my camera before we headed out the door to make a shopping trip to Target, and I've nearly filled up my memory card with moments from our everyday since.  Insert a big jump with a heel click right here and the reason for our trip to Target.

With big things on the syllabus like multiplication tables and cursive handwriting to learn and being tested on computing a hundred math facts in five minutes or less and putting his grammar skills to work in the form of writing essays, we all agreed that if he worked hard and his gpa proved it, it would be fair and square to reward his hard work paid off.   So when we knew he was thiiiis close to shutting down the A B Honor Roll for the whole year, we let him take a pair of beats by dr. dre for a spin to see if they had lived up to the hype he'd been giving them.

Since then, his honor roll award certificate has made its way to the pile of remnants from second grade (a box of broken crayons and pencils, used up textbooks and one subject notebooks, and the artwork that has sucka aka me written all over it) and the cheapest pair we could find online came through the mail from and grey with a red "b" on each side.  Aaaand he's pretty sure last Friday was the "best day of [his] life".

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