we went. we saw. we broke a serious sweat. we made Mickey tie dye t-shirts.


So way back when before homework was a nightly priority over anything else and we didn't spend our weekends doing all the things we don't make time for Monday through Friday, we spent a few days doing Disney - a total of four - two at the parks and two at our resort.

This time around we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge - a first for us - so we chose to keep the parks at a minimum and soak in some extra days there.

As for me, I could have soaked in all four of our days there. The sweltering heat, Everest, and The Lion King, the stifling crowds, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Wishes just couldn't hold their candles next to pool parties, a playground, giraffes and roasted marshmallows, zebras, flamingos, making their Mickey tie dye t-shirts and that waterslide. Worth. Every. Penny.

Here's a few more shares - plus the two I've posted before - from inside the parks and in and around the Lodge.

Jim and Jake are in the third row from the top. Jim is on the right and Jake is...well, you can barely see his hands, but he's on the left.

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