Eat. Sleep. Set. Hike.


Ever since we've made it back from the beach, dude's been working on his Summer resume; but before I go there, a little bit of history.

To date, he hasn't really played any team sports unless you count two seasons of church league t-ball at ages three and four.  He hated running the bases and at times held up his team's turn in the outfield because he needed one more sip of a capri sun.  Awesome right?!  Needless to say, the motivation from him wasn't there, so it wasn't there for us.  We let it go and decided we'd put forth the effort (and time and money and…) when he was ready to do the same.

Just this past school year, we started seeing some big changes.  In the Spring, he asked Jim to teach him a little bit about golf, and he's been swinging his clubs at the driving range a few days a week ever since.  In the afternoons, I'd go pick him up from the playground at school and see him and some friends playing a game of baseball.  And his teacher said he'd spend almost every recess alone kicking a football.  SIGN HIM UP! which brings me to ever since we've made it back from the beach.  

Among all the VBS and extended stays at his grands, he's been to baseball camp at a local community college, football camp at his school, and football kicking camp at a high school on the outskirts of Atlanta.  He's been learning and honing his skills, and he's met some pretty great talent along the way…Chris and Brad Smelley - both players and graduates of UA (Chris now coaches at his school, and Brad still currently plays in the NFL.) - and Marshall Morgan - a kicker for the Georgia Bulldogs.  Pretty cool if you ask him.  Or me.  :)  

After all that camping, he's declared football is his fave.  Flag starts in eight weeks or less.

And because a post isn't really a post without a "pichur" as Parker would say... 

I've been not only inspired but motivated (two w's to the win-win) to pick up my camera.  From a super cloudy and super wet this-past-Friday…he had picked a few scupadines from the vines behind him.  He was counting how many were in his hands when a raindrop hit his arm.  Gotta make sure it's nothing that bites.  :)

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