It's my Pawrty...


Before we played in the snow two days in a row and after Jim got home from working in South Florida for a week (aka Saturday Jan 25), we threw a party to celebrate Parker's third birthday.

The theme came from his obsession with tractors at Christmas.  He kept it real and real simple for Santa - he had one thing and one thing only on his wish list...a "biiiiig trator yike paw paw's".  

So I rolled my big tractor wheels with it, and here's how it turned out.

What I love best about this year:

a)....he got it.  All week long as it all came together and he shopped with me at Hobby Lobby and Walmart and Target he kept saying, "Dat my pawrty.  Dis my pawrty."  He told his grandma, "My mommy fix my pawrty.", and he told Jake, "Don't touch my pawrty, Dake."

and b) this face while we sang Happy Birthday to him, and afterwards he said, "Do gain" so Jim lit the candles one more time, and instead of just blowing them out he stood there and looked around letting us know he was waiting for us to to sing again too.


P.S.  The last one is from our local kids hands-on museum.  They have this whole "farm" area with of course a big green tractor.  Post the pizza, the chocolate-covered pretzel sticks, and the presents, we all went on a play date to go have some fun on it.


  1. Happy birthday to Parker! Love the dessert table. And his little smile is priceless. We are getting ready for a 3rd bday over here next weekend.

  2. he is just the cutest thing!! his smile lights up a room!! such a cute party!!!

  3. Awww thank you, Hannah and Kimberley!!! You girls make my heart swell. :)