It's undeniably been way way too long.

Looking at this one of the little kid as he turned another year older and realizing I haven't even blogged about it reminds me best of that fact.

I woke him up last Wednesday morning, sang two verses of Happy Birthday to him, and said "Oh Parks, I can't believe you're three. You are THREE.YEARS.OLD today. WOOOOW!" Pushy. I know.

He smiled once - maybe twice - while he stretched and I sang, but his response to my overreaction to his new age was that little frown and "I not wont be thwee."

After a whole week, in some ways I'm not so sure I "wont" him to be "thwee" either.

Babies. They just don't stay babies.


  1. Oh so heartbreaking and true. Jojo just turned three also. Oh my heart, time slow down!!!! Love his picture:)

  2. My baby turns thwee next month!! So hard to believe how fast they grow up. Happy birthday to your little guy!!

  3. Happy late birthday! Love the picture!