fun and real. real fun.


Last week:

...spent three of my work days on the road. The mornings came quicker, and the days spent mostly in the car seemed longer than normal.

...remembered the popcorn, the gingerbread house kit, the bottles of water, the gifts for their teachers, and the change in dress code from collared shirts required to pajamas on Polar Express Day.

This week:

...counting down from 5 to the start of our almost two week Christmas break.

Is it Friday yet?


Really, this trip was, in a nutshell, spectacular.

Not perfect...I got sea sick (We left Port Canaveral on Thursday just as it began to storm, and the swells, the director announced, were eight to ten feet high. I didn't eat dinner at all, and let's just say even ginger ale wouldn't stay down). Jim woke up on Friday with a migraine so painful that it caused numbness on the right side of his body for a short period of time. And if we yelled, "Guys, stooooop!" once, we yelled it a hundred times that many times.

Spectacular...I'll never forget the way we boarded (There were crew members everywhere, and as we walked on one of them asked our family name, how we were doing that day, etc. Then with her microphone announced, "Please help me welcome aboard the Landers family!", and everyone in the room applauded.) or the sound of the horn blowing every time sailed away from our stops (Instead of just one big long and loud blow, it "played" the first few lyrics of "When You Wish Upon a Star".). And in true Disney fashion, the entertainment, the food, the service - all incredible. We could watch a movie like Planes or The Lone Ranger in one of their theatres from morning until morning, eat ice cream at midnight, or check the boys into the kids club (parents weren't always "allowed") so they could play in a life size replica of Andy's room, craft something, or even hula hoop with Donald and Daisy. We rotated between all three dining rooms every night and a different live show afterwards. We swam, and we slept like babies (the bed Jim and I shared was more comfortable than ours at home, I think). On Friday it was all things pirates. The boys wore costumes to dinner and Jim and I wore the complimentary bandanas. All of the characters were decked out in their pirate attire too and out and about for pictures, and then late late that night they put on a show outside on the pool deck followed by fireworks. Every day, every minute...make it magical if you want it to be. That's how we rolled.

So I've sorted through about half of the snapshots that I took. Here are just a few (all from either the ship and our first stop...Nassau, Bahamas).

More to come.


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