weekdays and weekends {lately}


I feel so much has happened, and that makes it hard to know where to start.  I guess the biggest "biggie" is the fact that we've survived the first two weeks of back-to-school.  The second week because practice makes routine.  The first week many, many, many thanks to my mom.

She came the Sunday before the first day of school to "keep me company" while Jim was in Tennessee (work stuff), and before we even made it through the carpool line the next morning, I needed her more than ever when Parker's temp went up to over 102 (his second fever in three weeks - this time it was just viral).  She kept him at home with her for three days; and on top of taking care of him, I came home to a cleaner house than when I left that morning and my favorites for dinner.  My love runs deep...ocean deep.

Jim got back home, the weekend came, and so did his 43rd birthday.  So to celebrate, we got away.  Just for the night to one of our favorite places...Ross Bridge Birmingham.  We swam, we ate, we walked.  We (did not) sleep.  The next morning we walked again and swam again, and before we came home, we shopped the Galleria for Legos and went for a ride on the carousel.  Jim replaced his twenty year old pillows (I do not exaggerate.), and I walked away with two skirts and a dress from Francesca's (trendy, inexpensive, I'm loving it).  

We got home, and it was just in time for sickness number three for Parker (stomach virus).  Besides hoping he'd had all he could get by then, I couldn't quit thinking about the timing of it all and saying thank you prayers that we made it all the way home with all of these moments shared.  

God is good.  

Happy (Long) Weekending, All!


  1. Sorry to hear about all the sickness looks like fun was had in the mist of it:)

  2. So sweet..... Love catching up on what has been happening. Happy belated birthday to Jim; happy first day of school to Jake and cheers to Aunt Kay! :) I hope everyone is the picture of health this week! Love you all!