pins and strikes


On the morning of his sixth birthday, Jake woke up to balloons in his bed, streamers and a banner on his door, and all of us singing Happy Birthday to him.  Oh he loved it! 

As for the rest of the morning, we tried to make it as least "business as usual" as we could on a school day by taking him to Krispy Kreme...because donut holes first thing in the morning is totally acceptable when you're six. 

That night we had dinner at Chick-fil-A, we played and out-smarted the claw (another stuffed animal...just what we needed...but when it's your birthday...), and then sang one more verse of Happy Birthday over cupcakes.

The following weekend, his grands and cousin, Emily, came over and met us at Bama Lanes for a couple of hours of bowling (one of his six choices of things he wanted to do to celebrate his day).

Ever since he went on a Summer camp field trip last year, he's hooked, and I have to say, he gets it honest.  Two games still isn't enough for me, and Jim owned his own ball before we ever met (His back isn't what it used to be; so thankfully for us, he lays low and we dominate).

We all had such a great time.  Even Parker.  He took turns for everyone including the dad and daughters playing in the lane next to us.  Nice.

Sigh.  I'm still getting used to this six thing.  Blows me away...and so does he.

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  1. sounds like such a fun day! As a first grade teacher, I <3 6 year olds. You will be amazed at how much he will learn and grow!